Teru | They/Them | AroAce | 26 | ♐ | INFP

I draw, and mess around with Vocaloid and UTAU from time to time.

Most of this is on Tumblr. I run various ask blogs, along with my art/Creative Venture blog.

MirrorTeru - Creative Ventures/ Art Blog. The main area I post my art.AskMansionKaitoandRin - Ask blog for my main Kaito and Rin muses. (Also related: Kai's Twitter, Sol's Twitter)EtherealJellyfish - Ask blog for my interpretation of Lumi.

Name : Teru
Age : 26
Gender : Agender/Nonbinary
Pronouns : Ey/em, They/them
Orientation : Queer AroAce
Hobbies : Drawing, Roleplaying, using Vocaloid, Video Games, some others
Vocaloids Owned : KAITO (V1 + V3),Sonika, Kagamine Rin and Len (Act 2, Appends, V4x), Aoki Lapis, Mayu, Hiyama Kiyoteru, Rana V4, Lumi

Interests :

OCs, Musing
Vocaloid/Vocal Synth
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
When They Cry (Higurashi/Umineko)
Five Nights at Freddy's
Doki Doki Literature Club
Steven Universe
Evillious Chronicles
Kingdom Hearts
Black Rock Shooter

Commission Info

Contact me either via notes on my furaffinity account, deviantart, or via my twitter in DM's.

Please please PLEASE provide a visual reference for what you want me to draw, OC or fanart or whatnot.

Aside from the Ko-Fi sketches, all will be Fully lined, colored, and shaded.

If you want a pattern background, there's no extra cost, but adding more of a setting would be $5+ extra.

All payment will be done in paypal, via invoices.

I must receieve full payment before starting on the drawing.

Commissions should take a couple weeks to a month once I start them, though if there's more in line(or life hits) it may take longer! I will be sure to tell you what place you'd be in and when I start.

Commissions are posted on in my furaffinity gallery, deviantart gallery and my tumblr by default, but if you wish for it to stay private, ask me! It might cost a bit extra tho.

Along with that, if you want to post it on your own gallery (here or elsewhere), you can! It's your commission, do what you want, as long as it isn't anything defaming, and as long as you link back to me and credit me! (This also includes if you like, want art for a video or something--- I'm totally cool with that, just pleeeease credit me and perhaps link back to this post.)

If you have any questions, message me! I'd be happy to explain or talk stuff out.

Fanart Mecha
Furry's Heavy Gore
Light Gore Anything Hateful


If you buy me a Ko-Fi, you can request a simple, quick sketch!

More Ko-Fi's can mean more than one character for the sketches, or quick soft coloring. (3~4 Ko-Fi's), depending on what you want.

I would prefer regular commission money to be sent via paypal invoices, however, if you are sending money for that and not simply donating. So only send kofis for sketches, or simple donations.

Chibi - $7

Busts - $10

Half-Body - $20

Full Body - $30